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What is Critical Knowledge Design?

Critical Knowledge Design is a process that enables you to design healthcare solutions that meet the needs of patients with dignity.


We focus CKD on five key areas:

  • Building and Space Design
  • Product Development
  • Education and Programme Development
  • EmployeeTraining
  • Service Provision


CKD helps you understand the critical knowledge you need to deliver effectively in the healthcare sector.

Business Services

We work with clients to help them develop patient led solutions. Using a blend of desk research, surveys, focus groups and observational analysis we are able to articulate the Critical Knowledge that you need to develop an effective solution.


We also support our clients through the procurement process to demonstrate patient and user engagement as well as social value articulation.


Once clients have secured contracts we support their business by providing Smile training for employees and supply chain partners. Smile training supports your staff to better understand and provide for patient needs.

Many of our clients work in the Third Sector and will be interacting with VCSE's (voluntary, charity and social enterprise) partners and stakeholders on a daily basis.


We can help you project manage these relationships as you deliver your products and services. Working with the Third Sector is vital to developing community benefit, social value and creating both employment and volunteering opportuntities.


We can also help if you are looking to form an SPV or identify the right VCSE partner whether that be for service delivery or as part of your CSR programme.

Third Sector Engagament

In 2012 the Social Value Act was launched to encourage local authorities, public sector bodies and the NHS to procure not just on price but where there is a tangible social outcome. “If £1 is spent on buying a product, can that same £1 be used, to also produce a wider benefit to the community?”


A number of clinical commissioning groups have now developed social value polices and are committed to ensuring social value is intrinsic not only to procurement processes but also in the delivery of services.


MSS CKD can assist you to articulate a social value offer and deliver it successfully for the benefit of the wider community



Social Value

If you would like to speak to a member of our team or find out more about how Critical Knowledge Design can be of benefit to you please contact us now info@mssckd.com

MSS CKD Ltd is a Social Enterprise dedicated to improving the lives of Kidney Patients

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